The MK Team


Marcin Kawa

President & Founder

As founder and president of MK Construction & Builders, Marcin is intimately involved with every aspect of the business. His primary focus is to provide the vision and guidance required for every employee to understand the goals and objectives set forth for the company.
Marcin leads by empowering people to be self-starters, resulting in their ownership and accountability. He takes great pride in making sure that everyone at MK Construction understands how important their role is to the success of every project.

Throughout his 20-plus years in the construction industry, he has performed every position in the business. He has been involved with a diverse portfolio of triumphantly completed projects totaling over one billion dollars. His unique understanding of the entire construction delivery process is an asset that continues to greatly benefit MK Construction & Builders. He is particularly adept at finding creative solutions to the individual challenges of any given project.

Clients, associates, and vendors benefit from his leadership, high expectations, a can-do approach, and commitment to helping others succeed. As a founder of MK, he maintains a watchful eye on the company’s future. Cherishing culture, core values, and purpose, Marcin is most appreciative of the outstanding reputation and the incredible relationships created over the last two decades.

Marcin provides leadership over the implementation of the company’s mission and ensures that our core values remain ingrained in our culture and process.


Walter Ochocinski

Senior Project Manager

Walter brings over 23 years of experience in all phases of home construction to his role as a project manager. He provides senior leadership to project management and brings his unique perspective, deep experience, and pride in a job well done to every project he works on, resulting in a high-quality finished product for every client. His hard work and attention to detail have earned him the respect and trust of everyone he has worked with throughout his career.

Walter works effectively with the wide range of professionals a project manager collaborates with, including architects, developers, designers, subcontractors, inspectors, and building officials. He has demonstrated the ability to quickly identify problems and implement corrective processes and exceptional communication, interpersonal, and reporting skills.

Walter has completed a variety of projects for our company, from single-family homes to large-scale custom spec homes projects, and continues to deliver quality attention to detail for our clients.


Greg Szlachta

Senior Project Manager

As a project manager for MK Greg’s exceptional skills and experience in construction inspire confidence and trust in his team and every job site. He leads all remodeling projects to ensure the highest levels of quality, completion, and scheduling that MK Construction & Builders commits to for all clients.

His ability to understand the vision of clients and designers assures excellent outcomes and results that transcend any challenges.

To create an exceptional client experience for each project, Greg ensures code compliance, reads and interprets plans, manages subcontractors, and assures the timely completion of all the details involved in a successful remodel. His extensive experience is invaluable in both the field and the office.


Marek Bajkowski

Senior Project Manager

Marek joined our team six years ago with a broad perspective of the home-building process and enthusiasm for custom home building. He works both on-site and in the office to oversee the construction of our custom homes, from start to finish.

He prides himself on his communication skills, ensuring that all projected completion dates are met and/or exceeded, and his attention to detail guarantees the highest level of satisfaction from clients. His passion for building is evident in the relationships he builds and maintains with subcontractors, consultants, designers, and homeowners. His goal is to create an exciting, enjoyable, and fun experience for everyone he works with.


Arek Szlachta

Project Manager

Arek contributes a strong understanding of how the trades interact with his role at MK Construction & Builders. His continued record of success and his ability to maintain positive and ongoing relationships with customers, subcontractors, and inspectors alike is nothing short of impeccable. He cultivates trustworthy relationships with leaders in construction home lending to align with the goals of the company directives.

Arek is detail-oriented and fluidly foresees the scope of projects, providing cost estimating, scheduling, and timelines from initial concept conversations.


Karol Buczak

Project Manager

Karol supports senior project managers with coordinating subcontractor’s scopes, developing and implementing project schedules and budgets, and project reporting. He also dedicates a significant amount of his time to playing an active role on project sites, making sure that field operations are supported to maintain safety, quality, and building deadlines.


Sylwia Biernacka

Finance Manager

Sylwia came aboard in 2013 and is leading the finance and human resources teams. With over 20 years of accounting and finance experience in the construction industry, she provides efficient financial leadership responsibilities essential for a healthy and growing construction company. Her tax expertise allows for a full range of planning for the business.

As an expert in construction and real estate accounting for projects, she is involved with all facets of construction finance for MK Construction & Builders. She works with customers to assist with their needs in every aspect of the financial process. Her comprehensive knowledge allows her to assure the president with the crucial financial analysis for a more inclusive evaluation of a company’s earnings and overall profitability.


Hubert Hensoldt

Client Relations Specialist

With over two decades of experience in the industry as a client relations specialist, Hubert ensures the smooth operation of the company with his robust knowledge of office management and efficient handling of client inquiries, consultations, and timely access to everyone as required.

He supports MK’s fast-paced team with a variety of critical administrative tasks while answering questions and providing information for clients, guiding them through the process of how MK builds and transforms homes. Hubert thrives in the collaborative team environment of MK Construction & Builders. His strong organizational and technical skills are invaluable to creating an exceptional client experience.


Edyta Topolska

Operations Manager

As an operations manager, Edyta is a key personnel in upper-level management who makes sure the company is performing to its best potential.

She keeps her eyes on multiple areas within the company, assuring productivity and efficiency.

Being responsible for the overall well-being of the company’s operations, she is the type of manager who has a big-picture perspective.

Edyta exceeds expectations with her optimistic persona and fierce work ethic, and she believes that trust, communication, and integrity are the keys to a smooth and enjoyable building process.

With a fundamental understanding of construction management, she can analyze situations and make decisions geared toward the company’s best interest.