Going On Vacation? Here’s How To Protect Your Home While You’re Gone

When you leave for a trip, you may be so focused on packing and remembering everything you need to bring with you that you forget about what you’re leaving behind. Protecting your home is just as important as keeping yourself safe on your trip. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Invest In A Home Monitoring System

Whether you are going on vacation or not, home security should be a must-have for your residence. When you are choosing a security system, opt for the one that best fits your home. There are options that allow you to see live video remotely from your phone so you can check in on your home in real-time.

Install Sensor Lights

There are some sensor lights that can be purchased for less than $20 on Amazon and are more useful than you think. They are equipped with technology to have them turn off and on at certain times of the day. Additionally, you can set up indoor timer lights that turn on when you see fit to give the impression that someone is home during the night.

Make Sure Your Home Is Not Wasting Energy

When no one is home, you don’t need to keep the heater or central air running, so either keep the thermostat at a reasonably set temperature (weather dependent) or turn it off. Additionally, keep all your windows closed and locked. It’s beneficial to do a walkthrough of your house with a checklist to make sure you are saving power in all the necessary places.

Keep Your Home Maintenance Schedule

If you normally have people come to your home like gardeners or landscapers, they should still come even while you’re away. It makes it seem like there is someone still home and fends off any potential burglar threats.

Leave A Key With A Family Member

From packages to unexpected home emergencies, giving a family member—or even a close friend—an extra set of keys can help avoid things like deliveries being left outside. They can also help with everyday chores like watering your plants and bringing your trash to the curb.

MK Construction & Builders, Inc. hopes you have a great vacation and if you have any home safety questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!