Myths About Winter Home Building

There is a misconception that home remodeling in Chicago cannot be successfully completed during the winter. At MK Construction & Builders, Inc. we know this could not be further from the truth. In fact, winter is a great time of year to embark on a home renovation or remodel. Here are some common myths that revolve around building a home during the coldest months of the year.

#1: Workmanship Decreases

There is an idea that construction workers cannot complete their tasks at a quality level because the conditions are so bad. While yes, it is nice to complete tasks while the weather is warmer and more tolerable, conditions when working aren’t typically ideal. Workers are accustomed to overcoming some sort of challenge to get tasks completed, whether it be rain, wind, heat, humidity or cold. Some workers even prefer to work in the cold weather, so they aren’t constantly sweating.

#2: Cold Weather Affects the Framing Stage

Some people think that the framing stage is impacted by the cold weather, especially because of the impact it has on lumber. However, it is ideal that the lumber that is used for framing has a lower humidity level, which is the case during the winter. Plus, snow does not have any effect on lumber as long as it is removed before it melts.

#3: Home Remodeling in Chicago is More Expensive in the Winter

The cost of completing a project in the winter is very similar to the cost it would be during any other time during the year. Plus, keep in mind that additional costs may occur during the spring due to the overwhelming number of projects that are taking place.

Don’t wait until the spring to complete your home remodeling project in Chicago! Contact MK Construction & Builders, Inc. today to get started!