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Tips to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space this Spring

If you’re like most Chicago residents, now that the weather is turning warmer, you couldn’t be more thrilled about spending more time outside. Whether this is your first spring in your new home or you’re simply looking to spruce things up a bit, taking care of your outdoor space gives you a much-needed outdoor oasis.

Perfect your outdoor space with the following tips.

Choose Bold Colors

While you may avoid colorful furniture and decorative accents inside your home, outside is a completely different ball game. Don’t hesitate to choose a bold color for your outdoor furniture, rugs, flowers, etc. The brighter, the better! Adding in some color can help create a more vibrant outdoor space. Consider shades of orange, aqua, or even yellow to make a splash.

Create Some Privacy

If possible, consider adding a bit more privacy to your outdoor space to make it feel like it’s your own. Even if your outdoor space isn’t huge, making it private can make it significantly more usable. Add in some tall greenery or some long, flowy drapes to section off your patio. A little bit of effort goes a long way!

Add Plenty of Seating

This is especially true if you’re planning on hosting a lot this summer. Ensure your outdoor space has plenty of versatile and movable seating options when you are entertaining.

Don’t Forget the Greenery

As summer approaches, don’t forget to spruce up your backyard with some life! Add plants, flowers, and other greenery to breathe a new life into your outdoor space.

How are you planning on elevating your outdoor space this spring and summer?

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