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Tips for Growing Your Best Garden

As we continue to adjust to a new normal, it’s important to channel your energy in a positive way. COVID-19 has undoubtedly left us feeling a bit shaken up, but there’s still a lot of positive things going on in the world! As the weather in Chicago finally begins to warm up, it’s time to start planning your outdoor garden for this year! Gardening is known to help reduce stress thanks to its relaxing, calming nature. Plus, you get to spend some much-needed time outside while still following guidelines to stay at home.

Here are some tips from our team at MK Construction on how to get your best and most luscious garden yet.

Location is Key

When determining the best spot to place your garden, it’s extremely important to consider the location. Ideally, the garden will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight on a daily basis in order to yield the best results. Within the garden itself, place the tallest plants on either the north or west side so they don’t shade any of the smaller plants.

Choose the Right Soil

If you’re aiming to grow a vegetable garden, we recommend incorporating a good amount of organic material (composted leaves or ground bark) to create a good mix for the seeds. The texture of the soil shouldn’t be sandy nor compacted, but rather a healthy mix of the two. The natural microorganisms found in the organic material will help feed the plants so they thrive.

Don’t Forget to Water

Vegetable plants typically thrive off of one inch of water per week, including natural rain. If you can, use an automatic timer to relieve yourself of the stress and pressure that watering may put on the plant.

We are looking forward to seeing photos of your luscious gardens that you bring to life in the coming months! What are your favorite gardening tips?

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