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Renovating In Chicago: Kitchen Remodel Costs In The City

If you’re a homeowner in Chicago thinking about remodeling your kitchen, the first question you want answered is how much is it going to cost? The best general answer we can give you is that the cost will vary depending on just what type of remodeling you desire.

According to the Real Cost Finder calculator found at houzz.com, the current average cost of a kitchen remodel in Chicago is $29,970, and while that is the average, your actual cost will depend on exactly what you want. The amount you spend on your kitchen remodel could be as little as a few thousand dollars up to close to 100k and possibly more, depending on your desires and choices.

We invite you to read on as we provide a more specific breakdown of kitchen remodeling costs in Chicago based on what you, the homeowner, desire – a low, middle, or high range project.

Low Range Remodel

If you only want a relatively minor overhaul of your kitchen, prices for this kind of work begin in the $6,000 – $7,000 range but can climb to around $20,000, again, depending on what changes you want made.

Generally, a minor kitchen remodel assumes you’re basically satisfied with the layout of your kitchen and want to make some surface-type changes to modernize and enhance its appearance. This kind of project would involve changes like new doors and hardware on the cabinets, new appliances, laminate countertops, new vinyl flooring, and painting of walls, ceiling, and trim.

Additional changes like recessed lighting (if you don’t already have it), quartz or marble countertops, or the relocation of sinks and appliances will increase your total cost.

Middle Range Kitchen Remodel

This type project involves changing the layout and appearance of your kitchen, and the cost can vary from slightly over $20,000 up to around $45,000 – $46,000.

Remodeling in this range involves removing all cabinets and appliances to provide a more functional and modern kitchen, and a good portion of the cost will come from the need for new plumbing and wiring. New wood cabinets will provide durability for years to come, while replacing your current floor covering with wood or ceramic tile will greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen. And for added panache, use these same materials to create a rustic-appearing backsplash.

High Range Remodel

This type of project often includes removing walls and rerouting plumbing, gas lines, and electrical wiring to get a completely new kitchen layout. At this level you can expect to spend anywhere from around $50,000 up to perhaps $90,000, and possibly more, to create a kitchen that will be a chef’s haven and the envy of your neighborhood.

For your money you’ll get, among other things, new flooring, high-end cabinetry, commercial-grade appliances that a professional chef would use, and heavy, durable countertops made of marble or concrete.

Other special features might include, to name a few, crown molding, a special water line for coffee and espresso, and an exhaust hood that vents to the outside.

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