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Deep Cleaning Your Home for Spring

With chaos erupting worldwide, now is the perfect chance to slow down and tend to what’s really important in life. Staying at home may seem daunting, but there’s a lot of positivity that can come from it. In order to ensure your home is a safe space for you and your family, consider giving it a deep spring cleaning that it deserves! The official start of spring is March 19th, so spring cleaning your home has never been more timely. Here are some tips from our team at MK Construction & Builders, Inc, providers of new construction in Chicago.

Start with the Bathrooms

Your bathroom has the potential to be a breeding ground for dirt, bacteria and grime. This is a natural place to begin the process. Bathroom and toilet cleaners can go a long way in getting rid of the built-up grime, and now is the perfect time to switch your old shower curtain liner for a new one. Replace your toothbrush and clean out the toothbrush holder while you are doing so. Wipe down all accessible areas of the toilet as well as the sink, faucet handles, etc. Your bathroom(s) will be sparkling clean when you’re done!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

There are many surfaces in your kitchen that you likely haven’t thought about in quite some time, too. Cabinets and drawers should all be wiped down (this includes the insides of drawers, too!) and don’t forget about wiping down your appliances, too!

Other Areas to Consider

Consider cleaning other high-traffic areas of your home that often get attention, such as:

  • Doors and doorknobs: Make sure that you are wiping down door frames, doors and doorknobs to eliminate any lingering germs that have developed.
  • Garbage cans: Wipe down garbage can holders, handles and other related surfaces, as this is where a lot of bacteria congregate.
  • Faucets: All faucets should be cleaned during this time as well.

You’ll be surprised how great you feel once the cleaning process is over! After a long winter, regardless if your home is a new construction project in Chicago or has long been part of your life, give it the TLC it deserves.

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