With over a decade of experience with new home construction and remodeling in Chicago, we specialize in designing modern and contemporary homes that are relevant and attuned with Chicago's urban aesthetic and landscape.

Through the years, we have continued to refine our design and production standards, developing the best practices for residential construction that reflect our sophisticated, metropolitan clientele's appreciation for smart, modern design.

Through our ongoing dedication to client service and satisfaction, we have risen through the ranks of Chicago's competitive home design and construction industry to emerge as a respected leader in the field.


Marcin Kawa founded his namesake MK Construction & Builders in 2004 to meet the demaind for high-quality residential construction among his growing Chicago clientele. An experienced Chicago builder himself, Marcin is not only fluent in the construction process, but actively provides guidance and oversight to his team – from conception through construction – for all his clients' new home and remodeling projects.

Marcin's expertise comprises a discerning eye for design that considers and incorporates both form and function, along with a spirited dedication to quality and excellence that begins with blueprints and carries through to the hand-selection of upscale finishes and amenities.

The cornerstone of Marcin's business is the strong emphasis he places on client communication and satisfaction, and it is through these enduring relationships that MK Construction & Builders has continued to prosper.



With over 15 years of experience and 150+ projects under his direction, Walter's work ethic is incomparable. Serving as the primary manager of MK Construction's custom home construction projects, Walter supplements insightful decision-making skills with the ability to multitask at a level that is beyond extraordinary. He works closely with both clients and investors, providing engaging, personalized service that ensures an accurate and successful result at every turn.


Greg Szlachta

Joining MK Construction in 2013, Greg serves as the team's expert with respect to residential construction projects associated with insurance claims, along with managing the company's relationships with large home improvement corporations. Greg is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of numerous employees and subcontractors, while ensuring that all of his projects are delivered on-time and in strict conformance with budgets and regulatory standards.


Kate Gawron
Project Designer

With professional degrees in Interior Design and Architecture, Kate brings great understanding and a refined vision to both the interiors and exteriors she creates. Responsible for the design, planning, and management of a majority of MK Construction's projects, Kate's passion for designing and sharp eye for fine detail are at the heart of all her projects – resulting in homes that are both innovative and beautiful.


Marzena Falek
Marketing Director

Marzena has played a critical part in MK Construction's growth since 2013, serving dual roles as head of marketing and budget manager during all construction proceedings. Responsible for the planning, development and implementation of each of MK Construction’s marketing efforts, she excels at strategy, communication and PR outreach.


Sylwia Biernacka
Finance Manager

With over seven years of experience, Sylwia brings valuable financial expertise to the day-to-day operations of all MK Construction projects. Overseeing both financial and administrative functions, her keen sense for record-keeping and accounting ensures that MK Construction continues to run smoothly and efficiently year-after-year.