Keeping Bathroom Mold & Mildew at Bay

Having mold anywhere in your home can be a startling sight to see, but there are measures that you can take to keep mold and mildew growth to a minimum. Thanks to Chicago’s humid summers and long winters of barricaded windows, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the development of mold and mildew altogether. The following tips are useful to minimize the effect of mold and mildew in your new, amazing home!


Ventilation plays a huge role in keeping mold growth to a minimum. Your bathroom, especially if it has recently been remodeled, should be strategically designed to promote ventilation. This means having the right exhaust fan that stays running for at least 30 minutes after showering. This helps prevent moisture from developing. Make sure to wipe down surfaces in your bathroom that have and water droplets on them after the shower to minimize moisture.

In terms of design, pick a dark wall or tile color that matches with grout and caulk. This doesn’t prevent mold growth but can help make it more discreet.


If you notice your bathroom is starting to become a breeding ground for mold or mildew, don’t panic! Know that there are steps that you can take to break down the mildew or mold. Start by using bleach, hydrogen peroxide or a different cleaning solution of your choice to clean your bathroom surfaces on a weekly basis. In some cases, you also may need to re-caulk your bathroom to refresh it.

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