Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Whether your home is 50 years old or it is part of the new construction in Chicago, spring is the perfect time to ensure everything in your home is as it should be. Both the outside and inside of your home have likely experienced a lot of wear and tear throughout the winter months, so spring is a chance to evaluate your home and prepare it for the upcoming months! Here are some tips from our team at MK Construction & Builders, Inc.

Check Your Roof

The combination of snow, rain, ice and wind can take a toll on your roof. It is important to look at your roof and check for signs of damage such as missing or cracked shingles or sagging gutters. Addressing roof problems is crucial to ensure your home’s structure is sound.

Perform Home Safety Checks

Your home should always be your safe space, but this doesn’t happen automatically. Make sure to change your home’s smoke alarms regularly and perform monthly tests to make sure that the batteries are working. You should also make sure that you have carbon monoxide alarms that are installed and working properly.

Inspect the Basement and Attic

The basement and attic of your home are typically the first areas to show structural damage or developing mold. If you notice that damage is beginning to occur, call a professional as soon as possible.

Consider a Remodel or Addition

Not happy with your current home? Our team is happy to help you with your new construction project in Chicago! Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, your kitchen, or add a completely new area to your home, contact us today!